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Salento: coasts and inland

Dormire a Lecce per scoprire il Salento

B&B CAPPERI HOUSE guests who want to discover Salento could start from San Cataldo, Lecce’s shore, drive to Otranto and end in S. Maria di Leuca.

The Adriatic coast offers landscapes of extraordinary beauty: white cliffs in contrast with the blue sea, dotted with sandy shores and green spots of Mediterranean scrub, and stretches of salty water separated from the sea by narrow strips of land. Once in Otranto, visit the historic center, surrounded by the powerful walls and dominated by the Castle built in XV century by Ferdinand I of Aragon and by the Cathedral with a stunning floor mosaic (XII century) portraying that historical period. A maze of alleys and cobblestone streets marks the heart of ancient Otranto, where the stunning white of the houses mixes with the colors of the many handicraft and gifts shops.

Porto Cesareo, Gallipoli, Torre San Giovanni are some of the ‘pearls’ of the Ionic coast with Santa Maria di Leuca marking the border between the two seas. Between Otranto and Gallipoli the strength of the winds – combined with the sea – eroded the limestone cliffs and created fascinating natural caves like the Zinzulusa Cave, full of stalactites and stalagmites, the Great Cave of Ciolo, and the caves of Porto Selvaggio natural reserve.

But Lecce area is rich not only in art and beautiful coasts. The inland, too, offers many surprises. To help you discover – and live – them, we give you the extraordinary opportunity to choose your own ‘Local Expert’ by booking online many travelling experiences to live in Puglia. TouranGO.it  put travelers in contact with Local Experts (e.g. a cook to learn how to make fresh Orecchiette pasta); finding and buying online tours, excursions, entertaining events, and unique and authentic experiences is easy and amusing. Discover genuine flavors, traditions and places that only local people know.


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