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Visiting Lecce and the Salento area

Capperi House | Dormire a Lecce | Salento

Boutique B&B “I CAPPERI” enjoys an enviable and strategic position in Lecce, close to Piazza S.Oronzo, the very heart of the historic center of one of the most interesting towns in Italy, for its architecture, typical of the seventeenth century.

The Florence of the South reveals its astonishing beauty from the very first visit. We say first visit as it’s very likely that you will want to discover further, given the multitude of marvels, buildings and churches, exhibitions and events, places and colors to live and explore with a very rich and lively cultural calendar. Lecce, where traditions date back to its very origins, experienced two thriving historic ages: the Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Naples. This latter witnessed a great development in the construction of buildings, monuments and noble palaces all characterized by magnificent and luxurious decorations and architecture which deserved the definition of Lecce Baroque. The imaginative and minutely detailed works of carving and sculpture were favored by the presence of the local stone, malleable and easy to carve.

The tour of Lecce – which you can organize by visiting the municipality website where you will find many useful information to live the city (including Lecce Wi-Fi Card), can start from Piazza Duomo, once a fortified citadel, and now the most elegant lounge of the city. The magnificent Duomo, designed by Zimbalo, Cino and Penna, the five floor high bell tower, the Bishop’s palace and the Seminary mark the perimeter of this beautiful square which perfectly embodies the magnificence of Lecce style.

Not far away Piazza Sant’Oronzo which ‘contains’ the history of the city. The Roman age is testified by the remains of the Amphitheater which during the summer turns into an exceptional stage for theatrical performances, and partly by the high Column which holds the bronze statue of Sant’Oronzo portrayed in the act of blessing the city; the column was erected in the 17th century partly by using elements of the two roman columns placed at the end of ancient via Appia.

Symbols of the Renaissance are Palazzo del Seggio, known as the Seat, which today hosts important art exhibitions, and Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie, with its beautiful frescos and wooden works. Behind the piazza, Charles V Castle, typical defensive building where the severity of the outer lines contrasts with the refined and noble architectural style of the inside. The imposing and majestic Rudiae Gate is surrounded by the statues of Sant’Oronzo, Sant’Irene and San Domenico, with two couples of columns at the sides of the central arch, beyond which we find the Church of Rosario which stands out for the artistic creativity of its impressive façade.

Also to be visited, the Basilica of Santa Croce, where the fervid imagination of master carvers (scalpellini) can still be admired in the monumental façade, which anticipates the beauty of the inside, a harmonious balance between classical sobriety and the gaiety of the Lecce baroque. To make the planning of your time easier, we offer you the extraordinary opportunity to choose your own ‘Local Expert’ by booking online your travelling experiences in Puglia. TouranGO.it  put travelers in contact with Local Experts (e.g. a cook to learn how to make fresh Orecchiette pasta); finding and buying online tours, excursions, entertaining events, and unique and authentic experiences is easy and amusing. Discover genuine flavors, traditions and places that only local people know.


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